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About The {Be} Team

We are natives of the midwest relocated to the coast living in our RV! We love living near water! We are focused on our future as we desire to live debt free and adopt children, both locally and internationally. We have decided to utilize our wellness journey and experience as one of the ways to make our dreams become our reality. If you are interested you can follow our journey by signing up for our newsletter {keep scrolling}. The {Be} is one of a few entrepreneurial projects we are very excited about.

We love letting all of our clients know what they are supporting when they choose to do business with our organizations. We are local business owners, full-time RVers, dog lovers, supporters of many nonprofits: our local church, organizations preventing human trafficking, rehabilitating victims of human trafficking and funding for orphanages around the world, and forming a growing partnership with “Hope Unfading”; and so much more. Each client that chooses to do business with us enables us to support such amazing causes. We thank each client in advance!

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Recent Posts & News

How can salt therapy help me feel better?

What is salt therapy and how can it help me? A salt lamp is often confused for halotherapy. A salt lamp has benefits, but not all the benefits we actually see advertised come from the salt lamp itself. The {Be} salt room offers is a Haolgenerator. The Halogenerator is...

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{Be} in Control Over Your Stress

{Be} in Control Over Your Stress One of the frustrating realities of my wellness journey was that I experienced high levels of stress. Not feeling well over all on a regular basis produced stress, toxic relationships that could not be respectful as I was trying to...

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Power of Packing a Lunch

Packing a Lunch is Self Care! The {Be} is offering Self Care Sundays now; out of the excitement and preparations I could not help but sit down and consider, “what self care habits have I been practicing?”. It really took some thought. Being located within a wellness...

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