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Tonight’s Workshop @ 6:30pm!

EsseIMG_0555ntial Oils Workshop!

Last month was such a rewarding experience having Chantel and her team here educating our community about essential oils. It is amazing how much there is to know about the world of essential oils. It was particularly rewarding to witness as a member of the team translated the workshop in ASL for some of the people in attendance. There were about 15 people from the community there to learn and enhance their overall wellness through the use of essential oils and Pink Himalayan Salt. It was extremely rewarding to work with such a fun and genuine group.

We are excited to kick off our next workshop at 6:30 this evening! If you haven’t registered there are still a few seats available! Find The {be} Studio & Wellness Center on the MINDBODY app and register for tonight’s event! Choosing all natural alternativesto medications can completely change anyone’s health and wellness. A pill or prescription is not the only way to solve the daily health challenges many face. Be there tonight to get some answers and wisdom on options that may be best for you and your family.


Remove that pollen! 

If you are local to @the_be_studio then you are in need of some #halotherapy after the weekend we had! The pollen is sitting in your respiratory system creating symptoms! Dry salt therapy is the best way to fight those symptoms and remove those allergens from your respiratory system and it is an all natural treatment! Book your appointments! We have a full week and limited availability; don’t wait! #besalty #salty #thebestudioandwellnesscenter #saltynights #saltylife #liveforsalt #salttherapy #be

Spring Brunch Wedding



Natural lighting was the essential component of these photos. The venue provided great lighting through the big windows and wall coloring. The bride and groom enjoy the brunch atmosphere and favor breakfast foods. As part of having a wedding “perfectly fit” for them; the meal evolved around an omelette bar provided by a local chef. The flavor of the naked cake was coffee, and of course there was bacon. Complimented by a coffee and tea bar, combined with a selection of juice and completed with mimosas and bloody mary’s. The venue was The Women’s Club in Portsmouth. This Spring wedding of rustic elegance brought about a great beginning of a new season in Hampton Roads and this couples new chapter together. The atmosphere was peaceful and happy as the union of these two families took place. There were lots of people dancing and laughing as traditional hispanic dances took place. The tables were interlaced with lanterns, reefs, and wooden crates with fresh arrangements of ferns, baby’s breath, eucalyptus, and mossy greens flowing out of each centerpiece. The ceremony and reception were kept simple with seating around tables, requiring no maintenance for transition. Multiple armed forces members were present as this beautiful bride married into a family of eight siblings; three of which are enlisted. The bride comes a family of four siblings born and raised in the mountains of North Carolina. The groom and his family are owners of a  ministry in the Dominican Republic and spent much time living in Texas before moving to Virginia. This was genuinely a fun and loving group of people!

Q: What was your favorite part of how your wedding “came together”?

A: “I like that it was simple. The venue made it elegant and I like that we added the simple touches to make it a wedding.”

Q: What advice would you give soon to be brides?

A: “Hire a wedding coordinator so your best friend is not stressed out on the day of the wedding, and make sure you hire a great photographer to capture all the candid shots in the moment.”

Q: What attracted you to the venue when choosing sites around Hampton Roads area?

A: “When I walked in it felt perfect; it was beautiful, and rustic. I loved the wood floor, high ceilings, open space and big windows. I loved that it backed up to the James River.”

Q: How did you pick your wedding color scheme?

A: “The wedding color scheme was greens, whites, and neutrals. I wanted colors that resembled the beginning of spring and brought about a spring like atmosphere.”

Q: What was your favorite part about your decorations?

A: “That we placed photos of our life memories together on each of the tables. I love looking at photos and remembering back to our engagement and other amazing times. I thought it was really fitting to have them scattered about for all of our loved ones to enjoy with us as well! Again, the simplicity was fulfilling.”

This wedding simply put was “perfect”. Simplicity was the key of this bride and groom and they accomplished it. They brought family and friends together for a fun filled afternoon of celebrating the union of an amazing couple! Congratulations!


What do you do in a #salty room?

The marketing image often portrayed by halotherapy centers, like The {be}, can leave consumers wondering. The number one question asked: “what do you do in the salt room?”. Unfortunately, the first response is of purest form: “beathe”. As previous blog posts explain; the most important component to a real halotherapy treatment is that salt aerosol is occurring and that you are breathing in the tiny particles of salt that the halogenerator is placing into the air. The salt is dried out by means of heat to provide an extended period of “air time”. The elusive “air time” is when the salt is available to be inhaled

the be studio opening-027

Local Yoga instructors are available to book private Yoga sessions with!

into the respiratory system and real halotherapy treatment is taking place. As great as a salt lamp is to add into one’s environment, simply placing a salt lamp or salt wall in one’s presence is NOT halotherapy.

So to elaborate more on the original question, one can utilize their time in a halotherapy session for many things.

First, for one who is interested in learning or developing their yoga abilities. The {be} provides yoga mats in the salt room. For some, yoga may be intimidating to do in a class setting. The {be} is associated with many local Yogis who offer private sessions, or small group sessions, in the salt room. Others may be trying to overcome Asthma and other respiratory conditions for a competitive edge in their athletic competitions. For this The {be] provides a few items for clients to use to complete a selective workout. The top types of workout clients would consider for a facility like this would be: PiYo, Pilates, small Circuit Training cycles (ie: core circuits, small agility circuits like jumping jacks, wall sits, etc.), and Yoga. For those who want to delete the inhaler from their life, utilizing the salt room in these ways will enhance the odds. Maybe so much organization is not quite what a client is looking for, simply utilizing the time to stretch will enhance physical wellbeing.

Second, a halotherapy session may be the only quiet moments in one’s day. For this, it is highly recommended to consider a variety of ideas. Lets start with a massage. The {be} is affiliated with many local massage therapists that offer a variety of massages at the facility. Another suggestion for those quiet moments is practicing mindfulness. Utilizing the time to meditate on the right things and get re-centered in life. The hustle and bustle can take a harder toll on most people than they even realize or are even willing to admit. Since The {be} is focused on helping people achieve overall life wellness, there are workshops consistently being developed to allow clients

the be studio opening-004

You can also book small group sessions or family sessions! 

and consumers to receive a halotherapy session while getting educated and learning techniques to improve the wellness of their life. These workshops are held on a variety of days at different times. Sometimes they are completely free and sometimes they involve a registration fee. These workshops are designed in collaborations with other local wellness professionals. As some workshops may exist multiple times, not all do. The professionals who host these workshops at The {be} are intentionally selected to ensure the workshop is beneficial for clients and consumers who attend. It is very exciting to have so many awesome health and wellness professionals in the local area! Too often people put their health and wellness on the bottom of the priority list; at The {be} we are focused on providing the most for one’s time, starting with offering workshops in the studio; allowing clients and consumers to receive a treatment while learning and enhancing their wellness knowledge. You can always find the upcoming workshops on the website and the MINDBODY APP. It is crazy how


Zero Gravity chairs and Salt Foot Massage Domes are available for some quiet time and relaxation. 

exhausted many people function in the day to day. With the zero-gravity chairs provided in the salt room, a halotherapy session at The {be} may simply be the only nap opportunity available between driving Miss. Daisy and dancing backward in high heals . The {be} provides calming and relaxing instrumental music conducive for such levels of relaxation. Some clients and consumers may be in need of some quiet time to read! There are used books available in the retail shop for exchange (take one leave one) or purchase. Often times the lighting situation is questioned, the lighting from the salt walls themselves has proven to be effective, but if additional lighting is needed the salt room is equipped with two types of curtains, one style is designed to let in natural light. In addition to the curtains, there is also a ceiling light available.

Another concept of “things to do in a salt room” would be to participate in open hour events! These events vary for all types of clients and families local to The {be}! So for the mommy friends out there, keep an eye out for “Mommy & Me” open hour


Pink Himalayan Salt is a great exfoliate for skin!

announcements, it is designed for coordinated “play dates”. The kids will enjoy playing in the salt pit, while the mommas can enjoy some time chatting. For the #bossladies, the “Women In Business” open hour is designed to allow you to meet other ladies who are out there making it happen. The {be} is continuing to develop more meet ups to connect the local community. During each open hour a halotherapy session will be taking place. To ensure space is adequate there is limited availability so always be sure to register ahead of time for open hour events and workshops!

The {be} hopes to see you soon! There are tons of ways to make halotherapy part of each person’s wellness lifestyle. This is just the beginning! Until next time, {be} #salty!

Ashley Jane & the {be} studio & wellness center 

Cold pressed JUICE

We are so excited to announce more excitement about our “Women In Business” Open Hour! In addition the the {be} hosting all the fabulous business women in our area, we have partnered up with Crunchy Carrot to provide some hands on interaction with the best Cold Pressed Juice in town! You will be able to meet the owner and founder while trying some of their most popular juices! You will not want to miss this event!