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Virginia Beach Halotherapy

A salt lamp is often confused for halotherapy. As a salt lamp has benefits, but not all the benefits we actually see advertised come from the salt lamp itself. What facilities like the {be} studio & wellness canter offer is a Haolgenerator. The Halogenerator is what actually puts the salt in the air for us to inhale into our lungs to receive all the benefits advertised. Below are benefits of having a session in a salt room that provides Halotherapy (a halogenerator).

The marketing image often portrayed by halotherapy centers, like The {be}, can leave consumers wondering. The number one question asked: “what do you do in the salt room?”. Unfortunately, the first response is of purest form: “beathe”. As previous blog posts explain; the most important component to a real halotherapy treatment is that salt aerosol is occurring and that you are breathing in the tiny particles of salt that the halogenerator is placing into the air. The salt is dried out by means of heat to provide an extended period of “air time”. The elusive “air time” is when the salt is available to be breathed into the respiratory system and real halotherapy treatment is taking place. As great as a salt lamp is to add into one’s environment, simply placing a salt lamp or salt wall in one’s presence is NOT halotherapy.

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About The Be Studio Team

We are natives of the midwest relocated to the coast. We love living near water! Our home is truly one of our dream homes. We are focused on earning extra income as we desire to adopt children both locally and internationally in the upcoming years. We decided to utilize our home as one of the ways to make the dream of a family become a reality. If you are interested you can follow our journey on GoFundMe (Hills Adoption Fund) and follow our story on this website blog (the bestudiosite.com). the {be} studio & wellness center is one of a few entrepreneurial projects we are very excited about.

We love letting all of our clients know what they are supporting when they choose to do business with our organizations. We are local business owners, registered foster parents, dog lovers, supporters of many nonprofits:our local church, organizations preventing human trafficking, rehabilitating victims of human trafficking and funding for orphanages around the world, and forming a growing partnership with “Hope Unfading”; and so much more. Each client that chooses to do business with us enables us to support such amazing causes in addition to achieving our dream of adoption. We thank each client in advance!

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