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Due to medical uncertainties my husband and I will be growing our family through the process of international adoption. We are unsure of what journey/journeys this route will be leading us on but we are positive God has placed us in this path for such a time as this. We have devoted our finances to living a debt free life style. We are still paying on our home and my student loans from college. As we continue to assess the situation, in hopes timing is good, we find that our concern is needing a loan to go thru the process. Even though we have overcome many trials/obstacles, in other aspects,to get where we are the financial aspect is not lining up. We have been partnered with Showhope, Outreach America, Terri Savelle Foy Ministries, and our home church financially. We have found it is very comfortable for us to give (even when it’s small amounts) but very uncomfortable to receive (even when it is small amounts). When we sit down to discuss if we are closer to taking the next steps we see a financial roadblock for the paperwork alone. I also have this screaming voice telling me to lower my pride. I expect others to receive what I am willing to give yet I am not a willing recipient myself (not exactly an example of humble I know). I actually, just a little under two weeks ago, “called out”(for lack of better words) a friend (privately) for not letting me know of the distress of their current situation so I could help them in some way. She, better than I would have done, allowed me to offer help (allowed me to serve her family for a period of time) and lowered her pride. She talked at times how she was willing to be helped but it wasn’t exactly easy or that it didn’t exactly feel comfortable (especially since she, like most of us, have a way of doing things that work for her family). I sat there relating to her words in an unexpected way. I realized by not being willing to receive, I was actually saying “I am not willing to let God provide for me the way he wants to”. It hit me like a ton of bricks. Who am I to tell God “how” he can bless/help/provide (for) me? That is not my job. I am to be a servant of Him, I am to come to Him in prayer and receive the answer He gives to my requests and needs, even when it does not make sense to me. So today I am officially killing my comfort zone, getting uncomfortable, and humbling myself before my Lord and the world, and being a willing recipient. We have set a goal for the higher end of the estimations and are still currently exploring for other avenues of assistance as well (this may change the goal as we acquire the results from those explorations). We will not be holding any traditional baby shower(s) in addition to this fund. We will be utilizing the funds for all expenses involved in adoption, including international travels and the developments of the rooms that will be nurseries. We use the “plurals” as we are hoping to adopt multiple children. Our goal is the high estimation of one international adoption. We know we are called to adopt internationally, my husband has the stories of listening to my passionate “tales” of adoption. This passion was placed in my heart long before the thought of motherhood, or even adulthood to be transparent. I have been blessed to be on the sidelines of my relatives successfully adopting twice internationally. To this day I doubt they know how much it really meant to me. I doubt they know the sympathy of tears I cried for them when it got hard. I doubt they know how often I asked if there were any updates. My husband found himself in shock of the tears I showed while sharing my perspective of their adoptions with him and the memories I could recall. Please take time to meditate in prayer before giving. This is a matter between you and Christ only. Our goal is lofty, but it will bring no glory to God if it is not Him requesting your blessing upon us. We are here for such a time as this to see the workings of our Father’s plans in our lives and the lives of others. Thank you for your support, whether it be in prayer, kind words or financially.
We are running fundraisers and open to vendors as well!