{Be} in Control Over Your Stress

One of the frustrating realities of my wellness journey was that I experienced high levels of stress. Not feeling well over all on a regular basis produced stress, toxic relationships that could not be respectful as I was trying to figure out what was going on produced stress, lack of good quality sleep from medications produced stress and struggling in general to find answers produced stress.

I became this huge ball of stress and tension with no off switch, which was a silent destroyer to my success and wellness.

It left little capacity for me to operate through the daily highs and lows. This prevented me from rest and mindful moments. I was unable to experience joy and laughter at times. Ultimately it was completely eliminating my ability to {be}. It affected the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional components of me. Can I just say 1 thing? It freaking sucked. Total gridlock. Annoying. It in it of itself caused more stress. Which made it even more mind boggling. Ugh, okay that was more than one thing, I get it.


I share my journey because I know there may be some people out there experiencing the same thing at the level I did.

There are options, there are ways to break that gridlock. I would love to share what routes I have taken to with you. {Be} sure to reach out to thebestudioconnect@gmail.com.


For others I share this, not because you can relate to this level of stress and tension, but because you can relate to “those days” where you crawl into bed at night, barely, and think “I survived”.

Maybe you have weeks that you label as “stressful”. I hope you are not at the extreme level I was at, and I hope you acknowledge the extreme level as a risk in the near future if you do not find ways to de-stress, rest, recharge, and refresh.

Part of being refined is knowing how to take care of yourself {not at the expense of others}.

What do I mean by “not at the expense of others”? Well, have you ever had that friend that just “takes stuff out on others” or “dumps their load on you”? That is what I mean. There is a way to “let go” of the stress without “throwing” the stress at someone else.

The easiest way to start is by developing new habits.

Using basic practices. Then committing to yourself that you will give your genuine efforts to utilize these avenues for yourself. Here are a few things I started with!

Stress Reduction Habits:

1.} EFT/Tapping.

There does not have to be a “reason” to tap. Tapping is a great way to release emotions and tension like anxiety and stress. It can be a great tool to learn how to “accept” and “let go” even though you are not really thrilled with the situation. My EFT/Tapping Coach is Veronica. Check out more about her program and EFT on her website


2.} Deep Breathing.

Best way to slow that brain down and get some calming brain waves flowing is to take deep breaths. If we can get things to slow down for just a few moments during the hustle and bustle we can remain calm with clear perspective even when we are not thrilled with the circumstances.


3.} Stretching.

Everything affects everything. If you hold in emotions your body has store them somewhere! Giving those muscles a good quality stretching is really good to bring some relief for the tension. A Kinesiologist would be an ideal resource to understand what emotions affect which muscles. Dr. D is my resource for all things in kinesiology! Check out her blog for more information! 


4.} Diffusing Oils.

I am not the oils expert. There are oils out there with benefits for our emotional well being. Look into resources and try diffusing some oils in your office and at your home. I prefer comforting oil blends and grounding oil blends for the day to day grind.


5.} Ingesting Oils.

Make sure you check with experts on safety precautions, but adding some oils into your water or shake can help keep your body feeling well. Definitely check into resources to be sure you use all safety precautions needed.


6.} Supplements.

Supplements are what I use help my adrenal system stay in balance. My goal personally is to keep cortisol production as low as possible to avoid the repetition fight or flight stress reaction. I have absolutely fallen in love with the supplements I have tried. I do not need them every day, but sometimes it really helps me get through. My first resource for supplement recommendations is Dr. Parker at Corepsych. Check out his website to learn more. 


7.} Reading.

You must be full in order to pour into others! Self care is a great way to fill up your own tank and reading is a great self care technique. There are endless resources for self help, personal growth, and spiritual growth to dive into. Really use reading to slow down and grow yourself to become the best version of you. Reading is also a great way to learn more about wellness options available for self care. I love the book I just read by Holley Gerth!


Until next time, {be} #salty!



Ashley Jane & The {Be}