The number one secret to my wellness? You might be surprised by my answer ….. #salt 😂😂😂🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️. It has brought about the most success for me as I have up using traditional medication. I am excited to only need occasional immunotherapy during my rough seasons! #saltywayoflife #saltynights #thebestudioandwellnesscenter #besalty #besaltywithfriends #be #beyou #bewell #vabeachsalt #saltroomatthebeach #757salt #757saltroom #wellnesshacks #holistichealth #757holistichealth


My favorite {nap time} spot in the wellness center ❤️❤️❤️🙈🙈🙈🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️ #biomat #biomatvabeach #757biomat #heal #restore #be #besalty #bewell #beyou #behealed #saltywayoflife #saltynights #wellnesscenteratthebeach


BOGO week

It is bogo week and I am so excited to have @stoker5 and the girls in the salt room tonight. #saltywayoflife #saltynights #thebestudioandwellnesscenter #besalty #be #besaltywithfriends #beoily #bogo #beyou #bewell #vabeachsalt #vabeachsaltroom #757salt #757saltroom



“{Be} who He called you to {be} regardless of what everyone else thinks you should {be}”
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High heals, high standards

“Don’t allow people to dim your shine because they are blinded.” “We are the dreamers but we are the ones that don’t sleep.” #thebestudioandwellnesscenter #saltywayoflife #saltynights #saltyheels #saltyselfies #besalty #besaltywithfriends #be #beyou #bewell #bebright #bebold #vabeachsalt #vabeachsaltroom #saltroomatthebeach #757salt


Yoga at The {Be}

Getting some Yoga in this am! #saltywayoflife #saltynights #saltymornings #saltyyoga #thebestudioandwellnesscenter #besalty #besaltywithfriends #beyou #bewell #beyoga #vabeachsalt #vabeachsaltroom #757salt #saltroomatthebeach


Health Forum

What an amazing forum thanks Health and Hand! #saltywayoflife #saltynights #besalty #besaltywithfriends #be #beyou #bewell #behealth #thebestudioandwellnesscenter #757salt #vabeachsalt #vabeachsaltroom #saltroomatthebeach


Yoga at The {Be}

Thanks for hanging out in our #saltyroom tonight @happyplaceyoga_byerin
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Oily time

March 3rd from 12-3 we will be hosting “healing Oils of the Bible” finally! I am so excited! #saltywayoflife #saltynights #saltyclasses #thebestudioandwellnesscenter #besalty #besaltywithfriends #beyou #bewell #beoily #vabeachsalt #salteoomatthebeach #757salt



Find the people who “get” what you are doing, what you running for, what you knock down walls for. Association will push you through the threshold or knock you down. I do not share the same calling with any of these business owners but, because we each have our own calling we are actively pursuing and chasing, there is nothing but respect for the others, because we know the journey. Different journeys, yes, but we know the times when it feels like quitting would just be better and there is every reason to quit. Yet we push on. So when @the_be_studio had it’s grand opening it’s was an absolute honor to have a #saltyroom of #bossbabes and friends there with me! Ladies who work with a standard of excellence at what they do every day!Including @samiroyphoto who was taking the picture!!! And not mention Kayla who is always uplifting me and seeing the little successes in our businesses when we forget the progress we have we have made! I used to think was easier being friends with guys but I had just lost sight of what women of strength can bring into your life! If you are not pictured here, I haven’t forgotten about you! I just chose this picture as we round out our first year of #saltyhistory this picture is where it started. Every story has beginning! LADIES! tag a lady who is a woman of strength in your life! #thebestudioandwellnesscenter #saltywayoflife #saltynights #besalty #besaltywithfriends #beyou #bewell #beexcellent #beawomanofstrength #be #justbe #saltroomatthebeach #vabeachsalt #salty #757salt

Business Ownership

“Business ownership isn’t for the faint of heart. It is for the brave, the patient, and the persistent. It’s for the OVERCOMER.
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Fly high

“What happens if you fall?”
“But what if you fly…”
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Simplify & Refine

So this year my “Word” of the year is {be} Simplified. This branching off of last year’s {be} well, and the prior year’s {be}; all culminating to the creation of the {be}! In order to simplify life and focus our attentions on our future, goals, and what we {be}lieve is truly important in life, we have adapted a new “lifestyle”. We have simplified our life but changing the where we live and what we live in. Th RV has eliminated the unimportant material items from our life. One could probably argue there are still lots of things that we have that we do not need. So as we extend this mission for the year, I {be}gan to reflect on where else I spend time daily that may not be as necessary as it feels. Well, sadly i found that to be the time I was spending in front of the mirror every morning getting ready. Do not get me wrong, getting up and getting ready every day is important. It is important to have a sharp, and well kept appearance out in the world because first impressions are everything. First impressions can make or break connections when networking. It can seem as if we do not care enough about ourselves to take care of ourselves if we do not stay cautious of our individual appearance on a professional level. So to keep first impressions at their best potential, I did some reflecting on what that actually takes in comparison to what I was doing in my daily routine. So a foot and half shorter, I found a professional look that takes a lot less time and hassle on my daily routine. As much as I prefer long hair, it takes a lot of effort to keep it looking professional. This shorter cut saves on the morning routine allowing for more time to get to the things that need done each done. The lifestyle of an Entrepeuner requires lots of focus, eliminating the unnecessary things (the things that can be eliminated without a negative impact on the balance of life) can yield more focus and time.

I even expanded upon this hair transformation into limiting the level at which makeup is being done daily. When there are meetings and more formal settings in my calendar I will consider full application of makeup. Although, for the day to day things I have found it isn’t necessary to completing the professional look. Again, there is importance to taking care of yourself, so I apply a simple CC cream to even out the skin tone and give protection to my skin through out the day. This one item allows me to provide support to the professional look I want but does not require the time of a full application of makeup. I may think “I look better” with eye liner; but that does not mean it completes the professional daily look. It took lots of inner reflection to get to these lifestyle changes. But, I am excited to see how they allow my daily success to play out! 

Until next time,

{be} #salty

Ashley Jane

Morning #Salty stretch

Have you ever heard the saying, “Its is hard to pour from an empty cup”? Have you ever taken the time to reflect when you feel like you have nothing left to give? Well I can tell you, as a giver at heart, this is something I {be}come more and more aware of as time passes. That saying {be}comes so true and undeniable each time the thought “I really can’t deal with this right now” or ” I really don’t have time for this” crosses my mind. If we cannot practice self care as a habit and lifestyle we will inevitably burn out on what we have in us to offer to those around us. The self care lifestyle is of balance, contentment, and wellness. It isn’t extreme and expensive. It is to focus on {be}ing well so we can handle the roller coaster of life. It is about {be}ing able to identify the needs of ourself {emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually} in order to keep ourselves filled up so we can got out into the world and serve others in our daily lives. It is serving others where we find ourselves and our joy. So this morning was a day of stretching for my, stretching to release the tension of the daily life. When we cannot release those emotions and thoughts, they stay bottled up in our body and manifest in ways that will jeopardize our well-{be}ing. Stretching in the salt room is one of the best things anyone can do to keep a wellness lifestyle. So, go, sleep yourself and your cup full, so others can be impacted by what you have offer!

Until next time,

-{be} #salty

Ashley Jane

Integrated Life; Medical Practice and Holistic Health

When should we turn to holistic health?

One could argue we should start there. At the same time, no Holistic health professional would ever advise someone from seeing a Doctor. Holistic health is not founded upon bashing the practice of traditional medicine. This article is not designed to deter anyone away from seeing their doctors. This article is not a reason to stop following your doctors orders and advice . This article, to it’s readers, is to help acquire a perspective on exploration holistic health and the options it provides.

First, if you do not understand the licensure of the medical practice you attend you are blinded to their limitations. A license to practice medicine in the United States is required; this is designed to protect the consumers. Yet, we as consumers have to remember our medical facilitators are bound by their licensure. Not only is that true, they are also limited to what the accredited medical schools are required to teach and train. Like all other professionals, the college route to pursue the career provides a bias (to extent) to the operations of the profession. Universities are determining what is “appropriate knowledge” for our future professionals. Let’s not be fooled; this is the case in all professions, not just in the medical field. Above all else, medical professionals save lives daily and perform tasks above and beyond the average person’s understanding. They see things only God should see, yet they continue to show up and serve their communities. Discrediting the medical field and those who serve in it is ignorant and uncalled for. Making requests and challenges towards medical professionals that is outside their bounds of care (per their licensure) is uncalled for and ignorant as well.

Although, some medical professionals may ignore the holistic health world, many embrace it. The reality being, both fields are needed in our world. We should not be afraid to dig deeper into our health and wellness. Our information should not be limited by either; medical professionals or holistic health professionals. The medial professionals went to school to be qualified for their career which they took responsibility for; you are the person who is ultimately in charge of taking responsibility for your own wellness. We should acquire knowledge that will help us to make appropriate decisions for our health; and when we are unclear of what choice is best, we should know where to go and who we should go to. We need to be in tune with what health and wellness style we prefer and what outcomes we want. Too often people are not clear on this thought:

Am I seeking healing or relief?

A very critical thought in the world of health. We have to be clear on this to determine which route we pursue when health challenges come our way. Some people are perfectly comfortable just seeking relief. Meaning their mindset may not be focused on longterm, and the fact that the problem could arise again does not bother them. That is okay. Yet, there are people who want to overcome and handle the problem in such a way that they may not need to go down the road of exploration again. That is okay as well. Either mindset is acceptable when the person utilizes the resources appropriately.

For me, I was not okay with just taking a pill to handle the symptom, I wanted the issues gone. In some cases the medical specialists were able to handle that for me. In others, I had to acquire daily disciplines and add “things” into my life that a doctor couldn’t recommend. I found myself often frustrated with the reality that what I was doing had reached it’s “limit”. For example: I was utilizing Sudafed for congestion with my allergy and sinus issues that were very severe. I had finally gotten to the point where I was willing to go the “allergy shot” route. Well, due to severe sensitivity to the shots, the specialist was forced to “cap” me at a very low level (he has a license and a private practice to protect; he was not trying to make things hard on me). Upon reaching that level I was still on multiple inhalers and medications (including steroids). I wanted to at minimum get rid of Sudafed; but was experiencing so much congestion I could not. When not using Sudafed I often found myself stuck with pneumonia or bronchitis; so I was choosing the better of two evils at the time. I do not blame the doctor, but I found myself wondering “is this it?”. Nope, it was not it. It was all that specific resource could offer me but I was not limited to his abilities and practices. Ultimately I am responsible for my own health and wellness so I took responsibility and started out on a journey for what was next. I was extremely grateful for being spared of the severe respiratory conditions, and the specialist is very good “at what he does”, but I was not settling for the minimal progress that  had occurred when it came to the medications I was taking. 

As we embark on the journey of learning; each person will really need to reflect on their willingness to accept full personal responsibility for their health and wellness. If you are willing, then there are endless resources out there and tons of information to learn; and believe this when i say it:

You are not supposed to feel like “crap” daily, your body was significantly and unique designed to fulfill the life you have and are called to live.

That is a very serious statement most never hear or give a thought to. You were not designed to walk out each day exhausted, with aches and pains, and completely drained. There are people who have gone before you to provide great options to assist you with where you are and help propel your life.

Hang on! This is just the beginning! We are so excited for what January has in store for The {be}. We will be holding classes and workshops to help get your new year started with a bang of absolute wellness. Be sure to keep your eye on the events calendar and join us.

Until next time,

Ashley Jane & the {be}

Mind: you control your brain!


Mel Robbins put words to the simple concept that makes or breaks success. She leads with the concept of personal responsibility and daily decisions.