How can salt therapy help me feel better?

What is salt therapy and how can it help me?

A salt lamp is often confused for halotherapy. A salt lamp has benefits, but not all the benefits we actually see advertised come from the salt lamp itself. The {Be} salt room offers is a Haolgenerator. The Halogenerator is what actually puts the salt in the air for us to inhale into our lungs to receive all the benefits advertised.

Benefits of a salt lamp.

A great place for a salt lamp is in your home. If you are a salt lover {like me} having a lamp in every room possible would be best. A salt lamp is a great source of negative ions which reduces the airborne infections. Because the salt lamp attracts water vapors it traps the allergens, mold and bacteria in the air. Another benefit is that it can ease allergy and asthma symptoms. Finally, a salt lamp is a great mood booster and promotes good sleep.

Benefits of salt therapy.

A salt lamp is an amazing tool for the home, but it only does a few of the things a salt therapy treatment can do.

Below are benefits of having a session in a salt room that provides Halotherapy (a halogenerator).

  • Cleans airways
  • Immunity
  • Symptom reduction for allergies, asthma, sinusitis, airborne illness, congestion, coughing and much more.
  • Expanded lung capacity
  • Increased endurance
  • Anti-aging components for skin
  • Purification of respiratory system
  • Manages respiratory conditions
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Increased oxygen circulation
  • Absorbs excess moisture from lungs
  • Breaks up stagnate mucus
  • Widens airways/restores cilia function
  • Removes allergens, toxins and foreign substances
  • Provides competitive edge for athletes
  • Boost energy levels
  • Increases mental alertness
  • Eliminates CO2 (leading to increased focus of daily tasks)
  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Combined with yoga provides deep relaxation
  • Prevent airborne illness for family
  • Better nights sleep
  • Breaks up excessive mucous and congestion
  • Reduces inflammation in the body 


I love Dr. Axe’s article that is referenced many times in this post. It covers TONS of information on how to understand the purpose of the salt lamps and salt therapy. Dr. Axe even covers how to spot a fake salt lamp which is awesome. As a person in the industry it cane frustrating when people say “that does not work”. Usually, my first thought is, “they haven’t actually had REAL salt therapy”. There are companies and businesses out there that have departments solely designated to discern the upcoming trends and maximize on their existence. So, yes, there are companies out there selling salt lamps {fake or not} purely for financial gain, because salt lamps have been “on the rise”. That’s the business world, but that isn’t The {Be}.

Salt lamps make great gifts and introduction to salt therapy for your loved ones that may be hesitant to trying holistic modalities. If you get a fake salt lamp, that won’t be helping them much and that will result in increasing their hesitations. Before you purchase, check out Dr. Axe’s article or give us a call. We would be happy to help you understand what to look for!

Until next time,

{be} #salty


Ashley Jane & The {Be}

Simplified RV Life

Simplified RV Life

To {be} simplified is not as easy as it sounds.

We are taking the leap of faith and joining in on a movement. This leap will demolish debt and provide us a better life. From 2600 square feet to 400 square feet our family of two adults and three furry pups are clearing out the old and having a minimalist life in a Highlander RV.

This decision began with a simple challenge accepted back in October. I accepted the challenge to declutter and simplify my closet.

At the time, I had a very large closet and lots of clothes that were not being worn. This task was rather simple to start. I was pretty aware of what clothes I wore
and what clothes were just collecting dust. The task got complicated when the challenge unexpectedly carried over into every of my life.

What started as a small idea became a huge disruption to my preferences.

We discovered some frustrating news about our home. Spent our savings fixing it and our first thought was “what now?”.

When we chose to invest our time and income into two businesses we delayed the part of the budget for home “things”. We had old furniture, acquired decor through time, and for us it a made the home beautiful.

We had to chose to fix it before investing in our future, we had to delay more than expected, and we hadn’t even made a dent in the principal value as the home and our ownership was only a few years old.

Well that is the reality of home ownership, you own, you fix it.

Unfortunately for our situation the insurance company and the builder of the house failed us. So we were on our own. In this situation we bit the bullet and did what needed to be done. 

This time it was different, we kept looking at houses and we didn’t see them as homes.

We saw them as structures in the way of our goals. Not probably the first thought of most, but we usually see things differently. My husband and I looked through and saw the debt we would acquire. We thought about how that would combine to debt we would endure from the house we were selling. With those thoughts running through our minds, we just couldn’t pull the trigger on it.

Everything seemed to be complicated with buying a new home, and nothing was “right” for us and our situation.

One day my husband text me while he was at work; “you should look up 5th wheels, we can still have 400 square feet of living space and the price is lower than you would expect”. I started looking. Later I responded; “we can get the truck and the 5th wheel for twenty grand under budget”.

The rest is history.

The journey has laughs and adjustments to come but we are excited about what it holds for us.

In spirit of the holiday season, I laughed this year as I accepted the statement “these are a few of my favorite things“.






Until next time,

{be} #salty


Ashley Jane & The {Be}

{Be} in Control Over Your Stress

{Be} in Control Over Your Stress

One of the frustrating realities of my wellness journey was that I experienced high levels of stress. Not feeling well over all on a regular basis produced stress, toxic relationships that could not be respectful as I was trying to figure out what was going on produced stress, lack of good quality sleep from medications produced stress and struggling in general to find answers produced stress.

I became this huge ball of stress and tension with no off switch, which was a silent destroyer to my success and wellness.

It left little capacity for me to operate through the daily highs and lows. This prevented me from rest and mindful moments. I was unable to experience joy and laughter at times. Ultimately it was completely eliminating my ability to {be}. It affected the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional components of me. Can I just say 1 thing? It freaking sucked. Total gridlock. Annoying. It in it of itself caused more stress. Which made it even more mind boggling. Ugh, okay that was more than one thing, I get it.


I share my journey because I know there may be some people out there experiencing the same thing at the level I did.

There are options, there are ways to break that gridlock. I would love to share what routes I have taken to with you. {Be} sure to reach out to thebestudioconnect@gmail.com.


For others I share this, not because you can relate to this level of stress and tension, but because you can relate to “those days” where you crawl into bed at night, barely, and think “I survived”.

Maybe you have weeks that you label as “stressful”. I hope you are not at the extreme level I was at, and I hope you acknowledge the extreme level as a risk in the near future if you do not find ways to de-stress, rest, recharge, and refresh.

Part of being refined is knowing how to take care of yourself {not at the expense of others}.

What do I mean by “not at the expense of others”? Well, have you ever had that friend that just “takes stuff out on others” or “dumps their load on you”? That is what I mean. There is a way to “let go” of the stress without “throwing” the stress at someone else.

The easiest way to start is by developing new habits.

Using basic practices. Then committing to yourself that you will give your genuine efforts to utilize these avenues for yourself. Here are a few things I started with!

Stress Reduction Habits:

1.} EFT/Tapping.

There does not have to be a “reason” to tap. Tapping is a great way to release emotions and tension like anxiety and stress. It can be a great tool to learn how to “accept” and “let go” even though you are not really thrilled with the situation. My EFT/Tapping Coach is Veronica. Check out more about her program and EFT on her website


2.} Deep Breathing.

Best way to slow that brain down and get some calming brain waves flowing is to take deep breaths. If we can get things to slow down for just a few moments during the hustle and bustle we can remain calm with clear perspective even when we are not thrilled with the circumstances.


3.} Stretching.

Everything affects everything. If you hold in emotions your body has store them somewhere! Giving those muscles a good quality stretching is really good to bring some relief for the tension. A Kinesiologist would be an ideal resource to understand what emotions affect which muscles. Dr. D is my resource for all things in kinesiology! Check out her blog for more information! 


4.} Diffusing Oils.

I am not the oils expert. There are oils out there with benefits for our emotional well being. Look into resources and try diffusing some oils in your office and at your home. I prefer comforting oil blends and grounding oil blends for the day to day grind.


5.} Ingesting Oils.

Make sure you check with experts on safety precautions, but adding some oils into your water or shake can help keep your body feeling well. Definitely check into resources to be sure you use all safety precautions needed.


6.} Supplements.

Supplements are what I use help my adrenal system stay in balance. My goal personally is to keep cortisol production as low as possible to avoid the repetition fight or flight stress reaction. I have absolutely fallen in love with the supplements I have tried. I do not need them every day, but sometimes it really helps me get through. My first resource for supplement recommendations is Dr. Parker at Corepsych. Check out his website to learn more. 


7.} Reading.

You must be full in order to pour into others! Self care is a great way to fill up your own tank and reading is a great self care technique. There are endless resources for self help, personal growth, and spiritual growth to dive into. Really use reading to slow down and grow yourself to become the best version of you. Reading is also a great way to learn more about wellness options available for self care. I love the book I just read by Holley Gerth!


Until next time, {be} #salty!



Ashley Jane & The {Be}


Power of Packing a Lunch

Packing a Lunch is Self Care!

The {Be} is offering Self Care Sundays now; out of the excitement and preparations I could not help but sit down and consider, “what self care habits have I been practicing?”.

It really took some thought. Being located within a wellness center and using holistic health practices to handle any physical concerns; I really wanted to find basic things I do that do not require me to leave my work during the day or stop anywhere on the way home.

The basics.

The things that anybody who is currently living a life relative to the standard “norm” {job, family, responsibilities, etc} could implement simply. After some digging through my routine and mind,

I found a very basic thing; packing my own lunch every day.

I was raised this way, rebelled against it during adolescents then jumped back on that bandwagon when I was creating a budget for my own family.

Let’s just get this cleared up, in my opinion my lunch box is the cutest lunch box out there, and the tupperware came with it so it all matches and that makes my heart happy. But, to be clear, those facts have nothing to do with packing a lunch {they have everything to do my preferences though haha}.

When we were budgeting at first, I used what was available.

This practice is applicable if you own grocery bags and plastic baggies.

How has packing a lunch helped me?

See for yourself:

Packing a lunch ….
  1. Helped me develop new eating and dieting habits {eliminating junk food and sweet treats}
  2. Helps to protect me from the foods I should not eat {keeping my body detoxing regularly and keeping inflammation down}
  3. Helps to ensure that I am getting good quality food {not fast food or whatever is convenient; but good food we get from local produce}
  4. Helped me develop the habit to take a break and eat lunch {preventing exhaustion and unneeded stress]
  5. Helped eliminate stress as packing my lunch became part of my nightly routine
  6. Helped my family follow a budget to get debt free {again no need to resort to eating out or purchasing whatever was available}

It seems so simple to “pack a lunch” yet I see so many people head out of the office to grab lunch, hit the vending machine for a late afternoon snack, or run through the drive thru. Yes, having one more thing to carry can be annoying but that “thing”, that lunch box, makes at least 7 differences in my daily life. Did I confuse you when I said 7?

Ooooo well, the last benefit: packing a lunch helps me not have to use public silverware during flu season!


Okay, so I am not the craziest person when it comes to worrying about germs but, I do like to take precautions during peak seasons. Especially if I had kids using the school’s silverware. Ugh. Okay. I am done now. But, please consider, for the sake of the kids. For real, I am done.


“We are only ever one or two decisions away from changing our future.”


Until next time,

{be} #salty,

Ashley Jane & The {Be}

Simplify & Refine

This year my “Word” of the year is {be} Simplified.

This branching off of last year’s {be} well, and the prior year’s {be}; all culminating to the creation of the {be}!

In order to simplify life and focus our attentions on our future, goals, and what we {be}lieve is truly important in life, we have adapted a new “lifestyle”. We have simplified our life by changing the where we live and what we live in. Th RV has eliminated the unimportant material items from our life. One could probably argue there are still lots of things that we have that we do not need.

As we extend this mission for the year, I {be}gan to reflect on where else I spend time daily that may not be as necessary as it feels. Sadly I found that to be the time I was spending in front of the mirror every morning getting ready.

Do not get me wrong, getting up and getting ready every day is important. It is important to have a sharp, and well

kept appearance out in the world because first impressions are everything. First impressions can make or break connections when networking. It can seem as if we do not care enough about ourselves to take care of ourselves if we do not stay cautious of our individual appearance on a professional level.

In order to keep first impressions at their best potential, I did some reflecting on what that actually takes in comparison to what I was doing in my daily routine. Then foot and half shorter,
I found a professional look that takes a lot less time and hassle on my daily routine.

As much as I prefer long hair, it takes a lot of effort to keep it looking professional.

This shorter cut saves on the morning routine allowing for more time to get to the things that need done each morning, done. The lifestyle of an Entrepeuner requires lots of focus, eliminating the unnecessary things (the things that can be eliminated without a negative impact on the balance of life) can yield more focus and time.


I even expanded upon this hair transformation into limiting the level at which makeup is being done daily.

When there are meetings and more formal settings in my calendar I will consider full application of makeup. Although, for the day to day things I have found it isn’t necessary to completing the professional look. Again, there is importance to taking care of yourself, so I apply a simple CC cream to even out the skin tone and give protection to my skin through out the day. This one item allows me to provide support to the professional look I want but does not require the time of a full application of makeup.

I may think “I look better” with eye liner; but that does not mean it completes the professional daily look.
It took lots of inner reflection to get to these lifestyle changes. But, I am excited to see how they allow my daily success to play out!

Until next time,

{be} #salty

Ashley Jane

Integrated Life; Medical Practice and Holistic Health

When should we turn to holistic health?

Holistic health professional would never advise someone from seeing a Doctor. The industry is not founded upon bashing the practice of traditional medicine. This article is not designed to deter anyone away from seeing their doctors. This article is not a reason to stop following your doctors orders and advice . It is to help acquire a perspective on exploration of holistic health and the options it provides.

If you do not understand the licensure of the medical practice you are blinded to their limitations.

A license to practice medicine in the United States is required; this is designed to protect the consumers. As consumers have to remember our medical facilitators are bound by their licensure. They are also limited to what the accredited medical schools are required to teach and train.

Like all other professions, the college route to pursue the medical career provides a bias (to extent) to the operations of the professionals.

Universities are determining what is “appropriate knowledge” for future professionals. Let’s not be fooled; this is the case in all professions, not just in the medical field.

Above all else, medical professionals save lives daily and perform tasks above and beyond the average person’s ability.

Medical professionals see things only God should see, yet they continue to show up and serve their community. For that we salute them and honor them!

Discrediting the medical field and those who serve in it is ignorant.

Making requests and challenges towards medical professionals that is outside their bounds of care (per their licensure) is disrespectful.

Although, some medical professionals may ignore the holistic health world, many embrace it.

Both fields of healing are needed in our world. We should not be afraid to dig deeper into our health and wellness. Our information should not be limited by medical professionals or holistic health professionals.

The medical professionals went to school to be qualified for their career. You are the person who is ultimately in charge of taking responsibility for your own wellness.

We should acquire knowledge that will help us to make appropriate decisions for our health; and when we are unclear of what choice is best, we should know what options are available. We need to be “in tune” with what health and wellness style we prefer and what outcomes we desire.


Am I seeking healing or relief?

A very critical thought in the world of health. We have to be clear on this to determine which route will be best.

 Some people are perfectly comfortable just seeking relief.

Meaning their mindset may not be focused on the longterm. The fact that their problem could arise again does not bother them. That is okay. On the other hand, there are people who want to overcome and overcome their problem. That is okay. Either mindset is acceptable when the person utilizes the resources appropriately.

I was not okay with just taking a pill to handle the symptom, I wanted the issues gone.

Sometimes medical specialists were able to handle that for me. Other times, I had to acquire daily disciplines and add “things” into my life that a doctor couldn’t recommend. I found myself frustrated with the reality that what I had been doing had reached it’s “limit”.

For example: I utilized Sudafed for congestion with my severe allergy and sinus issues. I had finally taken the  “allergy shot” route. Due to severe sensitivity to the shots, the specialist was forced to “cap” me at a very low level (he has a license and a private practice to protect; he was not trying to make things hard on me). The downside was I was still on multiple inhalers and medications (including steroids). I wanted to get rid of Sudafed; but was experiencing so much congestion I didn’t think I could.

If I didn’t use Sudafed I found myself stuck with pneumonia or bronchitis. I was choosing the better of two evils at the time. The doctor is not to blame, but I found myself wondering “is this it?”.

Nope, it was not it. That was all that specific resource could offer me but I was not limited to his abilities and practices.

Ultimately I am responsible for my own health and wellness and I took responsibility and started out on a journey. I was extremely grateful for being spared of the severe respiratory conditions. The specialist is very good “at what he does”. I refused to settle for the minimal progress that we had made. Mostly because it included medications. 

As you embark on the journey of learning; you will really need to reflect on your willingness to accept full personal responsibility for your health and wellness.

If you are willing, then there are endless resources out there and tons of information to learn.

 Feeling like “crap” should not be your daily life. Your body was designed to fulfill the life you are called to live.

That is a very serious statement most never give a thought to. You were not designed to walk out each day exhausted, with aches and pains, and completely drained. There are people who have gone before you to provide great options to assist.

Hang on! This is just the beginning!

Until next time, {be} #salty!


Ashley Jane & The {Be}

Spring Brunch Wedding



Natural lighting was the essential component of these photos. The venue provided great lighting through the big windows and wall coloring. The bride and groom enjoy the brunch atmosphere and favor breakfast foods. As part of having a wedding “perfectly fit” for them; the meal evolved around an omelette bar provided by a local chef. The flavor of the naked cake was coffee, and of course there was bacon. Complimented by a coffee and tea bar, combined with a selection of juice and completed with mimosas and bloody mary’s. The venue was The Women’s Club in Portsmouth. This Spring wedding of rustic elegance brought about a great beginning of a new season in Hampton Roads and this couples new chapter together. The atmosphere was peaceful and happy as the union of these two families took place. There were lots of people dancing and laughing as traditional hispanic dances took place. The tables were interlaced with lanterns, reefs, and wooden crates with fresh arrangements of ferns, baby’s breath, eucalyptus, and mossy greens flowing out of each centerpiece. The ceremony and reception were kept simple with seating around tables, requiring no maintenance for transition. Multiple armed forces members were present as this beautiful bride married into a family of eight siblings; three of which are enlisted. The bride comes a family of four siblings born and raised in the mountains of North Carolina. The groom and his family are owners of a  ministry in the Dominican Republic and spent much time living in Texas before moving to Virginia. This was genuinely a fun and loving group of people!

Q: What was your favorite part of how your wedding “came together”?

A: “I like that it was simple. The venue made it elegant and I like that we added the simple touches to make it a wedding.”

Q: What advice would you give soon to be brides?

A: “Hire a wedding coordinator so your best friend is not stressed out on the day of the wedding, and make sure you hire a great photographer to capture all the candid shots in the moment.”

Q: What attracted you to the venue when choosing sites around Hampton Roads area?

A: “When I walked in it felt perfect; it was beautiful, and rustic. I loved the wood floor, high ceilings, open space and big windows. I loved that it backed up to the James River.”

Q: How did you pick your wedding color scheme?

A: “The wedding color scheme was greens, whites, and neutrals. I wanted colors that resembled the beginning of spring and brought about a spring like atmosphere.”

Q: What was your favorite part about your decorations?

A: “That we placed photos of our life memories together on each of the tables. I love looking at photos and remembering back to our engagement and other amazing times. I thought it was really fitting to have them scattered about for all of our loved ones to enjoy with us as well! Again, the simplicity was fulfilling.”

This wedding simply put was “perfect”. Simplicity was the key of this bride and groom and they accomplished it. They brought family and friends together for a fun filled afternoon of celebrating the union of an amazing couple! Congratulations!


Halotherapy is to {be} #salty; not business “trendy”

Salt rooms started being constructed in Russia years ago. Due to their quick popularity and rapid development in recent years in the United States and Europe , a Pink Himalayan Salt Room is almost treated as a “trend”. Unfortunately, many of the existing salt rooms today are truly part of a “trend” instead of truly part of the “cause” for holistic health support.

As much as one could argue “ignorance is bliss”, The {be] is one of the halotherapy centers that is going to break that cycle. Due to the lack of knowledge, many salt rooms have been established on the “look” and make claims to meet health needs of clients without the proper equipment. As beautiful and intriguing as the salt cave, salt room, or salt spa may look, there is only a limited amount of support it can provide clients if it does not have proper equipment.

A review of research on halotherapy: “Salt rooms and halo therapy in european Health Resorts and Spas: fashionable trend or real therapy?”. The interesting facts of the research review validated The {be}’s message to our local community. It is awesome to see such a great alternative to medications grow in popularity, but do not let business development trick you out of true treatment and holistic support. This all natural treatment is not based on the “look” of the salt room in anyway. As many are confused, the salt wall, salt floors, and salt pits are actually no different than a salt lamp that you can place in your home. Salt rooms lacking proper equipment are actually just an over sized salt lamp. The success of this holistic treatment, known as (dry) Salt Therapy or Halotherpy, is based on the existence and use of equipment that can make the salt aerosol disperse into the air, creating the same environment as a salt cave the Russians used to descend into to receive aid for respiratory needs. Being able to inhale the salt aerosol is the essential key to having a successful Salt Therapy treatment. The article of the research review also shared some key factors:

1.) Controlled halotherapy is authorized for medical use in Russia and the Baltic countries. The distinctive features of controlled halotherapy are:

    • that its effects are scientifically based
    • it provides the ability to close and control the levels of salt aerosol (aka: control of halogenerator)
    • its clinical effectiveness is proven

2.) The previous mentioned points have been confirmed by numerous studies and practical uses in various medical fields:






3.) In Russia, controlled halothearapy Salt Rooms have been installed in thousands of clinics, nursery schools, schools, sanatoriums, rehabilitation and spa centers.

At The {be}, we utilize a Halogenerator developed and created by the credible company Global Halotherapy Solutions. They have multiple forms of creating Halotherapy treatments, but The {be} purchased the Halo FX (their most popular and effective equipment). The Halo FX is customizable for room size (small to large) and needs of clients. It is very user friendly and allows The {be} to ensure the best service to each client. Along with these facts, the Halo FX is the only UL certified halogenerator on the market, this certification is an upcoming requirement of all halotherapy centers (information on globalhalotherapysolutions.com). Global Halotherapy Solutions provides the safest and purest form of Pure Sodium Chloride for the best health benefits. The benefits of dry salt include anti-aging, anti-fungal, antibacterial, super absorbent, anti-inflammatory. For a detailed breakdown of the benefits of halotherapy, view our website at thebestudiosite.com/wellness-center/  where you will find a detailed explanation about the benefits of halotherapy and who can benefit from halotherapy. The {be] wants to serve the community with the best that is out there as our community has many people of all ages suffering from symptoms of Allergies, Asthma and many other respiratory conditions! Please be sure to treat your respiratory needs in the best way! Until next time!

{be} #salty,

Ashley Jane & the{be}

Expansion is happening! 

Well, the equipment is ordered, the contractor is “hired”, the partners have had a million meetings, the certification will be completed in a week, the LLC will be official with in a month and the construction will be completed with in two months, and I am super excited to open our wellness center offering Halotherapy to our local community! Halotherapy will bring relief and comfort to those suffering with symptoms of allergies and asthma along with other various symptoms. 2017 is definitely a year of new beginnings and new journeys in our home to say the least. For a planner, the timing seems like it couldn’t be worse, if I have learned anything in my life it is that timing is never perfect for success. With that in mind, opening a salt therapy business in addition to our marketing business, while beginning foster care seems like the perfect combo for success; and I am loving every minute of it to say the least! #mydadistheconstructionguy #mymomisthehippie