Well, the equipment is ordered, the contractor is “hired”, the partners have had a million meetings, the certification will be completed in a week, the LLC will be official with in a month and the construction will be completed with in two months, and I am super excited to open our wellness center offering Halotherapy to our local community! Halotherapy will bring relief and comfort to those suffering with symptoms of allergies and asthma along with other various symptoms. 2017 is definitely a year of new beginnings and new journeys in our home to say the least. For a planner, the timing seems like it couldn’t be worse, if I have learned anything in my life it is that timing is never perfect for success. With that in mind, opening a salt therapy business in addition to our marketing business, while beginning foster care seems like the perfect combo for success; and I am loving every minute of it to say the least! #mydadistheconstructionguy #mymomisthehippie