We will be completing foster care classes in February so we are in preparation mode, luckily a snow day helped get some painting in one of the two rooms done! We are excited to serve kids in need and help a need in our community while on our the journey of completing our family! The funds donated for our international adoption cause will not be utilized when caring for our future foster children, there are great programs and assistance to provide for the children’s needs. Foster parents are not paid for caring for the children, please do not mistake the meaning of and purpose behind foster care programs. We have been fortunate enough to acquire gently used items from parents whose children have outgrown the need for them! We have also been able to repurpose some furniture that just needed a little TLC and creativity! We can’t wait to see where the journey leads! O, and pray for husbands painting skills! 😉 #fostercare #love #livelifeyourway