Salt rooms started being constructed in Russia years ago. Due to their quick popularity and rapid development in recent years in the United States and Europe , a Pink Himalayan Salt Room is almost treated as a “trend”. Unfortunately, many of the existing salt rooms today are truly part of a “trend” instead of truly part of the “cause” for holistic health support.

As much as one could argue “ignorance is bliss”, The {be] is one of the halotherapy centers that is going to break that cycle. Due to the lack of knowledge, many salt rooms have been established on the “look” and make claims to meet health needs of clients without the proper equipment. As beautiful and intriguing as the salt cave, salt room, or salt spa may look, there is only a limited amount of support it can provide clients if it does not have proper equipment.

A review of research on halotherapy: “Salt rooms and halo therapy in european Health Resorts and Spas: fashionable trend or real therapy?”. The interesting facts of the research review validated The {be}’s message to our local community. It is awesome to see such a great alternative to medications grow in popularity, but do not let business development trick you out of true treatment and holistic support. This all natural treatment is not based on the “look” of the salt room in anyway. As many are confused, the salt wall, salt floors, and salt pits are actually no different than a salt lamp that you can place in your home. Salt rooms lacking proper equipment are actually just an over sized salt lamp. The success of this holistic treatment, known as (dry) Salt Therapy or Halotherpy, is based on the existence and use of equipment that can make the salt aerosol disperse into the air, creating the same environment as a salt cave the Russians used to descend into to receive aid for respiratory needs. Being able to inhale the salt aerosol is the essential key to having a successful Salt Therapy treatment. The article of the research review also shared some key factors:

1.) Controlled halotherapy is authorized for medical use in Russia and the Baltic countries. The distinctive features of controlled halotherapy are:

    • that its effects are scientifically based
    • it provides the ability to close and control the levels of salt aerosol (aka: control of halogenerator)
    • its clinical effectiveness is proven

2.) The previous mentioned points have been confirmed by numerous studies and practical uses in various medical fields:






3.) In Russia, controlled halothearapy Salt Rooms have been installed in thousands of clinics, nursery schools, schools, sanatoriums, rehabilitation and spa centers.

At The {be}, we utilize a Halogenerator developed and created by the credible company Global Halotherapy Solutions. They have multiple forms of creating Halotherapy treatments, but The {be} purchased the Halo FX (their most popular and effective equipment). The Halo FX is customizable for room size (small to large) and needs of clients. It is very user friendly and allows The {be} to ensure the best service to each client. Along with these facts, the Halo FX is the only UL certified halogenerator on the market, this certification is an upcoming requirement of all halotherapy centers (information on Global Halotherapy Solutions provides the safest and purest form of Pure Sodium Chloride for the best health benefits. The benefits of dry salt include anti-aging, anti-fungal, antibacterial, super absorbent, anti-inflammatory. For a detailed breakdown of the benefits of halotherapy, view our website at  where you will find a detailed explanation about the benefits of halotherapy and who can benefit from halotherapy. The {be] wants to serve the community with the best that is out there as our community has many people of all ages suffering from symptoms of Allergies, Asthma and many other respiratory conditions! Please be sure to treat your respiratory needs in the best way! Until next time!

{be} #salty,

Ashley Jane & the{be}