Halotherapy & Salt Room Development

Salt rooms started being constructed in Russia years ago. Due to their quick popularity and rapid development in recent years in the United States and Europe , a Pink Himalayan Salt Room is almost treated as a “trend”. Unfortunately, many of the existing salt rooms today are truly part of a “trend” instead of truly part of the “cause” for holistic health support. As much as one could argue “ignorance is bliss”, The {be] is one of the halotherapy centers that is going to break that cycle. Due to the lack of knowledge, many salt rooms have been established on the “look” and make claims to meet health needs of clients without the proper equipment. As beautiful and intriguing as the salt cave, salt room, or salt spa may look, there is only a limited amount of support it can provide clients if it does not have proper equipment.

Why Halotherapy?

A salt lamp is often confused for halotherapy. As a salt lamp has benefits, but not all the benefits we actually see advertised come from the salt lamp itself. What facilities designed by the {be} studio & wellness canter offer is a Haolgenerator. The Halogenerator is what actually puts the salt in the air for us to inhale into our lungs to receive all the benefits advertised. Below are benefits of having a session in a salt room that provides Halotherapy (a halogenerator).

  • Cleans airways
  • Immunity
  • Symptom reduction for allergies, asthma, sinusitis, airborne illness, congestion, coughing and much more.
  • Expanded lung capacity
  • Increased endurance
  • Anti-aging components for skin
  • Purification of respiratory system
  • Manages respiratory conditions
  • Reduced Inflammation
  • Increased oxygen circulation
  • Absorbs excess moisture from lungs
  • Breaks up stagnate mucus
  • Widens airways/restores cilia function
  • Removes allergens, toxins and foreign substances
  • Provides competitive edge for athletes
  • Boost energy levels
  • Increases mental alertness
  • Eliminates CO2 (leading to increased focus of daily tasks)
  • Increased sense of well-being
  • Combined with yoga provides deep relaxation
  • Prevent airborne illness for family
  • Better nights sleep
  • Breaks up excessive mucous and congestion
  • Reduces inflammation in the body 
Halotherapy Virginia Beach

What is Halotherapy?

A review of research on halotherapy: “Salt rooms and halo therapy in european Health Resorts and Spas: fashionable trend or real therapy?”. The interesting facts of the research review validated The {be}’s message to our location’s communities. It is awesome to see such a great alternative to medications grow in popularity, but do not let business development trick you out of true treatment and holistic support. This all natural treatment is not based on the “look” of the salt room in anyway. As many are confused, the salt wall, salt floors, and salt pits are actually no different than a salt lamp that you can place in your home. Salt rooms lacking proper equipment are actually just an over sized salt lamp. The success of this holistic treatment, known as (dry) Salt Therapy or Halotherpy, is based on the existence and use of equipment that can make the salt aerosol disperse into the air, creating the same environment as a salt cave the Russians used to descend into to receive aid for respiratory needs. Being able to inhale the salt aerosol is the essential key to having a successful Salt Therapy treatment. The article of the research review also shared some key factors:

1.) Controlled halotherapy is authorized for medical use in Russia and the Baltic countries. The distinctive features of controlled halotherapy are:

  • that its effects are scientifically based
  • it provides the ability to close and control the levels of salt aerosol (aka: control of halogenerator)
  • its clinical effectiveness is proven

2.) The previous mentioned points have been confirmed by numerous studies and practical uses in various medical fields:

  • pulmonology
  • allergology
  • pediatrics
  • otorhinolaryngology
  • dermatology

3.) In Russia, controlled halothearapy Salt Rooms have been installed in thousands of clinics, nursery schools, schools, sanatoriums, rehabilitation and spa centers.

At The {be} facilities, we utilize a Halogenerator developed and created by the credible company Global Halotherapy Solutions. They have multiple forms of creating Halotherapy treatments, but The {be} purchased the Halo FX (their most popular and effective equipment). The Halo FX is customizable for room size (small to large) and needs of clients. It is very user friendly and allows The {be} to ensure the best service to each client. Along with these facts, the Halo FX is the only UL certified halogenerator on the market, this certification is an upcoming requirement of all halotherapy centers (information on globalhalotherapysolutions.com). Global Halotherapy Solutions provides the safest and purest form of Pure Sodium Chloride for the best health benefits. The benefits of dry salt include anti-aging, anti-fungal, antibacterial, super absorbent, anti-inflammatory. For a detailed breakdown of the benefits of halotherapy, view our website at thebestudiosite.com/wellness-center/  where you will find a detailed explanation about the benefits of halotherapy and who can benefit from halotherapy. The {be] wants to serve the community with the best that is out there as our community has many people of all ages suffering from symptoms of Allergies, Asthma and many other respiratory conditions! Please be sure to treat your respiratory needs in the best way! Until next time!

{be} #salty,
Ashley Jane & the{be}

What To Do In a Salt Room

The marketing image often portrayed by halotherapy centers, like The {be}, can leave consumers wondering. The number one question asked: “what do you do in the salt room?”. Unfortunately, the first response is of purest form: “beathe”. As previous blog posts explain; the most important component to a real halotherapy treatment is that salt aerosol is occurring and that you are breathing in the tiny particles of salt that the halogenerator is placing into the air. The salt is dried out by means of heat to provide an extended period of “air time”. The elusive “air time” is when the salt is available to be inhaled to the respiratory system and real halotherapy treatment is taking place. As great as a salt lamp is to add into one’s environment, simply placing a salt lamp or salt wall in one’s presence is NOT halotherapy.

So to elaborate more on the original question, one can utilize their time in a halotherapy session for many things.

First, for one who is interested in learning or developing their yoga abilities. The {be} provides yoga mats in the salt room. For some, yoga may be intimidating to do in a class setting. The {be} is associated with many local Yogis who offer private sessions, or small group sessions, in the salt room. Others may be trying to overcome Asthma and other respiratory conditions for a competitive edge in their athletic competitions. For this The {be] provides a few items for clients to use to complete a selective workout. The top types of workout clients would consider for a facility like this would be: PiYo, Pilates, small Circuit Training cycles (ie: core circuits, small agility circuits like jumping jacks, wall sits, etc.), and Yoga. For those who want to delete the inhaler from their life, utilizing the salt room in these ways will enhance the odds. Maybe so much organization is not quite what a client is looking for, simply utilizing the time to stretch will enhance physical wellbeing.

Second, a halotherapy session may be the only quiet moments in one’s day. For this, it is highly recommended to consider a variety of ideas. Lets start with a massage. The {be} is affiliated with many local massage therapists that offer a variety of massages at the facility. Another suggestion for those quiet moments is practicing mindfulness. Utilizing the time to meditate on the right things and get re-centered in life. The hustle and bustle can take a harder toll on most people than they even realize or are even willing to admit. Since The {be} is focused on helping people achieve overall life wellness, there are workshops consistently being developed to allow clients and consumers to receive a halotherapy session while getting educated and learning techniques to improve the wellness of their life. These workshops are held on a variety of days at different times. Sometimes they are completely free and sometimes they involve a registration fee. These workshops are designed in collaborations with other local wellness professionals. As some workshops may exist multiple times, not all do. The professionals who host these workshops at The {be} are intentionally selected to ensure the workshop is beneficial for clients and consumers who attend. It is very exciting to have so many awesome health and wellness professionals in the local area! Too often people put their health and wellness on the bottom of the priority list; at The {be} we are focused on providing the most for one’s time, starting with offering workshops in the studio; allowing clients and consumers to receive a treatment while learning and enhancing their wellness knowledge. You can always find the upcoming workshops on the website and the MINDBODY APP. It is crazy how exhausted many people function in the day to day. With the zero-gravity chairs provided in the salt room, a halotherapy session at The {be} may simply be the only nap opportunity available between driving Miss. Daisy and dancing backward in high heals . The {be} provides calming and relaxing instrumental music conducive for such levels of relaxation. Some clients and consumers may be in need of some quiet time to read! There are used books available in the retail shop for exchange (take one leave one) or purchase. Often times the lighting situation is questioned, the lighting from the salt walls themselves has proven to be effective, but if additional lighting is needed the salt room is equipped with two types of curtains, one style is designed to let in natural light. In addition to the curtains, there is also a ceiling light available.

Another concept of “things to do in a salt room” would be to participate in open hour events! These events vary for all types of clients and families local to The {be}! So for the mommy friends out there, keep an eye out for “Mommy & Me” open hour announcements, it is designed for coordinated “play dates”. The kids will enjoy playing in the salt pit, while the mommas can enjoy some time chatting. For the #bossladies, the “Women In Business” open hour is designed to allow you to meet other ladies who are out there making it happen. The {be} is continuing to develop more meet ups to connect the local community so be sure to check out “Wellness Center”, “Holistic Clinic”, and follow us on Instagram to see upcoming events!. During each event (unless determined prior) a halotherapy session will be taking place. To ensure space is adequate there is limited availability so always be sure to register ahead of time for open hour events and workshops!

The {be} hopes to see you soon! There are tons of ways to make halotherapy part of each person’s wellness lifestyle. This is just the beginning! Until next time, {be} #salty!

Ashley Jane & the {be} studio & wellness center 

All locations are subject to offer programs at their own discretion.

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