When should we turn to holistic health?

Holistic health professional would never advise someone from seeing a Doctor. The industry is not founded upon bashing the practice of traditional medicine. This article is not designed to deter anyone away from seeing their doctors. This article is not a reason to stop following your doctors orders and advice . It is to help acquire a perspective on exploration of holistic health and the options it provides.

If you do not understand the licensure of the medical practice you are blinded to their limitations.

A license to practice medicine in the United States is required; this is designed to protect the consumers. As consumers have to remember our medical facilitators are bound by their licensure. They are also limited to what the accredited medical schools are required to teach and train.

Like all other professions, the college route to pursue the medical career provides a bias (to extent) to the operations of the professionals.

Universities are determining what is “appropriate knowledge” for future professionals. Let’s not be fooled; this is the case in all professions, not just in the medical field.

Above all else, medical professionals save lives daily and perform tasks above and beyond the average person’s ability.

Medical professionals see things only God should see, yet they continue to show up and serve their community. For that we salute them and honor them!

Discrediting the medical field and those who serve in it is ignorant.

Making requests and challenges towards medical professionals that is outside their bounds of care (per their licensure) is disrespectful.

Although, some medical professionals may ignore the holistic health world, many embrace it.

Both fields of healing are needed in our world. We should not be afraid to dig deeper into our health and wellness. Our information should not be limited by medical professionals or holistic health professionals.

The medical professionals went to school to be qualified for their career. You are the person who is ultimately in charge of taking responsibility for your own wellness.

We should acquire knowledge that will help us to make appropriate decisions for our health; and when we are unclear of what choice is best, we should know what options are available. We need to be “in tune” with what health and wellness style we prefer and what outcomes we desire.


Am I seeking healing or relief?

A very critical thought in the world of health. We have to be clear on this to determine which route will be best.

 Some people are perfectly comfortable just seeking relief.

Meaning their mindset may not be focused on the longterm. The fact that their problem could arise again does not bother them. That is okay. On the other hand, there are people who want to overcome and overcome their problem. That is okay. Either mindset is acceptable when the person utilizes the resources appropriately.

I was not okay with just taking a pill to handle the symptom, I wanted the issues gone.

Sometimes medical specialists were able to handle that for me. Other times, I had to acquire daily disciplines and add “things” into my life that a doctor couldn’t recommend. I found myself frustrated with the reality that what I had been doing had reached it’s “limit”.

For example: I utilized Sudafed for congestion with my severe allergy and sinus issues. I had finally taken the  “allergy shot” route. Due to severe sensitivity to the shots, the specialist was forced to “cap” me at a very low level (he has a license and a private practice to protect; he was not trying to make things hard on me). The downside was I was still on multiple inhalers and medications (including steroids). I wanted to get rid of Sudafed; but was experiencing so much congestion I didn’t think I could.

If I didn’t use Sudafed I found myself stuck with pneumonia or bronchitis. I was choosing the better of two evils at the time. The doctor is not to blame, but I found myself wondering “is this it?”.

Nope, it was not it. That was all that specific resource could offer me but I was not limited to his abilities and practices.

Ultimately I am responsible for my own health and wellness and I took responsibility and started out on a journey. I was extremely grateful for being spared of the severe respiratory conditions. The specialist is very good “at what he does”. I refused to settle for the minimal progress that we had made. Mostly because it included medications. 

As you embark on the journey of learning; you will really need to reflect on your willingness to accept full personal responsibility for your health and wellness.

If you are willing, then there are endless resources out there and tons of information to learn.

 Feeling like “crap” should not be your daily life. Your body was designed to fulfill the life you are called to live.

That is a very serious statement most never give a thought to. You were not designed to walk out each day exhausted, with aches and pains, and completely drained. There are people who have gone before you to provide great options to assist.

Hang on! This is just the beginning!

Until next time, {be} #salty!


Ashley Jane & The {Be}