Packing a Lunch is Self Care!

The {Be} is offering Self Care Sundays now; out of the excitement and preparations I could not help but sit down and consider, “what self care habits have I been practicing?”.

It really took some thought. Being located within a wellness center and using holistic health practices to handle any physical concerns; I really wanted to find basic things I do that do not require me to leave my work during the day or stop anywhere on the way home.

The basics.

The things that anybody who is currently living a life relative to the standard “norm” {job, family, responsibilities, etc} could implement simply. After some digging through my routine and mind,

I found a very basic thing; packing my own lunch every day.

I was raised this way, rebelled against it during adolescents then jumped back on that bandwagon when I was creating a budget for my own family.

Let’s just get this cleared up, in my opinion my lunch box is the cutest lunch box out there, and the tupperware came with it so it all matches and that makes my heart happy. But, to be clear, those facts have nothing to do with packing a lunch {they have everything to do my preferences though haha}.

When we were budgeting at first, I used what was available.

This practice is applicable if you own grocery bags and plastic baggies.

How has packing a lunch helped me?

See for yourself:

Packing a lunch ….
  1. Helped me develop new eating and dieting habits {eliminating junk food and sweet treats}
  2. Helps to protect me from the foods I should not eat {keeping my body detoxing regularly and keeping inflammation down}
  3. Helps to ensure that I am getting good quality food {not fast food or whatever is convenient; but good food we get from local produce}
  4. Helped me develop the habit to take a break and eat lunch {preventing exhaustion and unneeded stress]
  5. Helped eliminate stress as packing my lunch became part of my nightly routine
  6. Helped my family follow a budget to get debt free {again no need to resort to eating out or purchasing whatever was available}

It seems so simple to “pack a lunch” yet I see so many people head out of the office to grab lunch, hit the vending machine for a late afternoon snack, or run through the drive thru. Yes, having one more thing to carry can be annoying but that “thing”, that lunch box, makes at least 7 differences in my daily life. Did I confuse you when I said 7?

Ooooo well, the last benefit: packing a lunch helps me not have to use public silverware during flu season!


Okay, so I am not the craziest person when it comes to worrying about germs but, I do like to take precautions during peak seasons. Especially if I had kids using the school’s silverware. Ugh. Okay. I am done now. But, please consider, for the sake of the kids. For real, I am done.


“We are only ever one or two decisions away from changing our future.”


Until next time,

{be} #salty,

Ashley Jane & The {Be}