The marketing image often portrayed by halotherapy centers can leave consumers wondering.

The number one question we get asked is: “what do you do in the salt room?”. Well, our first response is of purest form: “beathe”. The most important component to a real halotherapy treatment is that salt aerosol is occurring and that you are breathing in the tiny particles of salt that the halogenerator is placing into the air.

The salt is dried out by means of heat to provide an extended period of “air time”.

This so called “air time” allows for the respiratory system to breathe in the salt, creating a halotherapy treatment. Moving the salt in and out of the respiratory system by means of breathing allows the cilia to flow and start the process of healing symptoms. This process breaks up congestion, detoxes the respiratory system and increases air flow by widening the air passages. 

1. Yoga and Exercise

As a curtesy, we provide yoga and woven mats for halotherapy sessions. There is a Yoga at the {Be} program with a schedule posted on our website and because of Harmony Health {a local yoga studio} we are able to provide weekly classes and yoga memberships. The top workout options for salt sessions are:

PiYo, Pilates, Yoga, stretching and small Circuit Training cycles (ie: core circuits, small agility circuits like jumping jacks, wall sits, etc.).

For those who want to delete the inhaler from their life, utilizing the salt room in these ways will enhance the odds.

2. Massage: Foot and Chair

We are affiliated with The Ohana Center {local massage therapists} therefore they offer a variety of massages at the facility. Clients can upgrade salt sessions with a chair massage and foot massage. During our Walk In Wednesdays, clients can select massages at a discount rate of one dollar per minute. In addition to their amazing massages, The Ohana Center uses special probiotic creams and other products to enhance the quality of their massage. 

3. Practice Mindfulness

Meditate on the right things and get re-centered as it is very important in life. The hustle and bustle can take a harder toll on most people than they realize. As a result, it is important to find a way to keep yourself “balanced”. We offer workshops selectively to help people learn these practices. We have also seen a growing increase of “Tapping” or “EFT” in addition to mindfulness practices. Our best resource for this practice is Veronica, she utilizes EFT to help professionals overcome the overwhelm resulting in her offering workshops in our salt room. 

4. Relax and Refresh

The zero-gravity chairs provided in the salt room make for an amazing halotherapy session. We know it may be the only nap opportunity available between driving Miss. Daisy and dancing backward in high heals. For the busy lifestyle person, we are here to provide those quiet moments. We also provide calming and relaxing instrumental music conducive for such levels of relaxation. Our salt room is a great place that provides the perfect therapeutic environment for checking out and taking a moment to rest. 

5. Read with Peace and Quiet

Enjoy the quiet time to read and enjoy no interruptions from coworkers or the kiddos. Silent time and some quality reading can really heal the stress levels. Used books available in the shop for exchange (take one leave one) and available for use in the salt room. Salt walls have proved to be effective lighting for reading in the salt room. There are options if additional lighting is needed.

6. Open Hour Events

Our mommy friends out there should keep an eye out for “Mommy and Me” open hour announcements. Mommy and Me open hours are designed for the kids to have fun play dates. The kids enjoy playing in the salt pit, while the mommas can enjoy some time chatting. “Women In Business” open hours are designed to allow you to meet other ladies and build relationships. During each open hour a halotherapy session will be taking place. Register in advance for your spot as space is limited. 

We hope to see you soon! There are many ways to make halotherapy part of each person’s wellness lifestyle and we are excited to see which way you choose to utilize the salt room.

This is just the beginning!

Until next time,

{be} #salty!


Ashley Jane & The {Be}